Coming to Hub Network Soon – My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Film)

by Alicia Eesh

I suppose I am a Pegasister and I am friends with quite a few Bronies, My Little Pony is just a fun romp with adorable characters and heartwarming notions. Lauren Faust, the creator has embraced all the fans, big and small. The best of the ponies, Faust also knows that embracing her fans isn’t enough, with such a creative fan base she has taken a lot of the ideas presented by these fans and found a way to fold them into the show. The newest news from Ponyville would make it seem that fans have been heard yet again.

Broines What UP!

Slated for Q3 on Hub Network (the showing quarter between July and September) My Little Pony: Equestria Girls is a full length film with our favorite ponies featuring a little twist. Twilight Sparkle and Spike are transported to another realm in which they are turned into a Teenage Girl and her trusty dog. She meets some other girls that remind her of her Gal Pals. With so much fan art that revolves around this concept it seems that the fans were heard loud and clear. One of my favorite nerds, Andre with Black Nerd Comedy, was at the premeire of the Film in LA and talked to some of the people that worked on the film:

While there has been a mixed reaction to the film, with the possibility of this transformation over sexualizing the ponies as teens. I think its all in how you see it, I think this is an attempt to make the ponies some what more relatable and of course its pandering to the adult audience. The film has been been getting mixed reviews so far;  needless to say I am stupid excited for this film to be released to the public. “Brohoff” my fellow fans.

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